The Ohio Summer Rendezvous 

uniting the homeschool community | impacting the world

Registration open now through Aug. 31st.  Sign up today to reserve your spot at The Ohio Summer Rendezvous 2018,
This years Dates: Oct. 4-7


Celebrating Our 10th. OSR! 


Our mission: 

We are a non-profit community with a vision; impact the world for Christ through homeschooling. The OSR was created as an outlet for homeschool graduates to meet, mingle, and fellowship, uniting young people from all corners of the US. Today, we are growing and stronger than ever, with a focus that encourages the use of talent, ministry and ambition through The Arts (displayed through dance, skits, singing, music, etc,) small business, outreach, and ministry. Most importantly, the OSR is a retreat for Spiritual uplifting and growth. Jesus is the center of all we do. At the OSR, you will meet, fellowship, and learn alongside homeschool grads from all walks of life. Together, we can expand to reach each other. . .and the  world.


Meet the Team


Maria Ferrar: Coordinator


Why should YOU come to the Ohio Summer Rendezvous? 

As an OSR attendee, you will spend 4 action-packed days exploring God's creation, hiking the park trails, singing under the stars, watching (or participating!) in a talent show, learning to English Country Dance, demonstrating your prowess in a game (or two. . .) of Ultimate Frisbee, eating home-cooked meals, canoeing on Pleasant Hill Lake, listening to speakers, (coming in 2017) and  growing in Jesus Christ as you meet, bond, and worship with fellow homeschoolers from around the country! Embark on your end-of-summer adventure by registering today.

September 7th-10th, 2017

Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center

(4-day package) 3 nights lodging, 8 meals $150
(3-day package) 2 nights lodging, 5 meals $110

Those under the age of 14 are not permitted. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or sibling 18 years of age or older.


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4654 Pleasant Hill Rd. Perrysville, OH 44864

"The entire event flows like a well orchestrated song. We meet people, we get to know them, we worship with them, we play with them, we dance with them, we thank God with them, and then we hug them goodbye with their faces emblazoned on our hearts. Many friends I have cherished and kept close to my heart during the following years. I've seen numerous friendships flourish and blossom through the OSR." 



"My siblings and I were talking about the OSR, and we all agree. The OSR was physically exhausting yet in every other way (spiritually, emotionally and mentally) rejuvenating!
I always feel so spiritually rested and blessed!"

Joshua David

Special Thanks, 2015

  • Shiloh Crook, Dance Caller 
  • Calvin Detwiler & Joshua Richards, Music  
  • Caleb & Brandon Pieplow, Tech
  • Marissa Dubina, Improv
  • Hannah Helpman, Talent Show
  • Mark Kozelek, Tee Shirts
  • Anna & Julia Ferrar, Registration
  • Phillip Salzman, Men's Small Group
  • Ellen Helpman, Women's Small Group
  • Martin Detwiler, Session 2
  • Cameron Shearer, Session 3
  • Dave Ferrar, Sessions 4-5
  • Cabin Runners: Phillip, Maria, Lidia, Marissa, Kate, Ellen, Mark, Moriah

"I am so excited to be attending the OSR for the first time this year! It is always such a treat to attend events that will strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and at the same time be able to have a blast with like-minded friends"



"The Ohio Summer Rendezvous is a place where homeschool Alumni can gather to enjoy wonderful Christian fellowship, games, dancing, the beautiful outdoors, and devotionals. Come prepared to meet new friends and grow in your walk with Jesus Christ."



"I have had the blessing to attend this event twice and Lord willing will get to enjoy a third! For me the OSR is one of the best events. It has the perfect combination of fellowship and fun. Plus the atmosphere and location is relaxing and refreshing. Just what I need after my crazy summers. The people are awesome and super friendly! The food is never a disappointment and the Ferrars & Co. always do an awesome job in planning fun activities. Please come! You'll leave loving it and regret not coming sooner!"


Images © Brandon W. Pieplow and Christopher L.