The Ohio Summer Rendezvous 

uniting the homeschool community | impacting the world

Q: Why should I attend the Ohio Summer Rendezvous?

A: The OSR provides an amazing opportunity to meet fellow homeschoolers/homeschool graduates from around the country. You'll leave with new friends and a wealth of memories. . .it's an event not to be missed!

Q: Where is the OSR held?

A: Pleasant Hill Outdoor Camp is home of the OSR, a Christian camp located in the scenic Mohican State Park.

4654 Pleasant Hill Road 
Perrysville, OH


There is nothing like a snug cabin deep in the woods, surrounded by the sounds of wildlife, chirping birds, and utter peace. A treasure hidden away in one of Ohio's lovely State parks. . .Pleasant Hill alone is enough to attract folks to the OSR again and again.

Q: When is the event held?

A: The OSR is held every September sometime right at the end of summer, with exact dates varying by year. Not too hot yet not too nippy, Ohio is gorgeous at this time. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy God's creation--walking the Mohican trails, enjoying the lake, or sitting under a star-filled sky, singing with fellow Believers.

Q:  What type of activities should I expect?  

A: Special speakers, English Country Dance Ball, a talent show, worship sessions, Ultimate Frisbee (and other sports,) hiking, optional canoeing, all-you-can-eat, home cooked meals, improv, and much, much more!

Q: Cost? What am I getting for my money? 

A: We are offering two price packages this year. $150 ensures you 3 nights lodging in one of the awesome group cabins, (separate for guys and gals, of course!) and 8 all-you-can-eat, home cooked meals. Can't get the time off? Stay for 2 nights and eat 5 meals for just $110.

Q:  I'm from out of State. . .what about transportation? 

A: Transportation is available to and from the Columbus airport. Please visit our contact page for further details.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Necessities should include the following:

  • Bedding--we would suggest a sleeping bag and pillow, possibly an extra blanket.  **cabins have AC and can be heated**

  • Toiletries & personal items

  • Jacket or hoodie, socks, and other warm clothing. Ohio weather can be unpredictable!

  • A snack to share (as able) if you are driving or coming locally.

  • Games (locals and people driving)

  • Any extra equipment, costumes, or music for those participating in the talent show. 

  • Autograph book

  • Instrument/s for the jam sessions

  • Costume/outfit for the English Country Dance Ball 

Q: Is this a singles/dating event? 

A: Absolutely not! The OSR's main purpose is to unite homeschool Alumni with a vision for Christ. Married couples as well as parents are encouraged to attend.

A: If you are homeschooled or a homeschool grad, please register today!

Q: Can I invite friends?

A: YES. Invite everyone you know! (provided they are/were homeschooled.) 

Q: Does the camp provide WiFi? 

A Yes. It can be tricky at times, but laptops and cellphones may be used.

Q: My act in the talent show requires an electrical outlet. Will there be one outdoors?

A: Yes! There will also be a sound system and mic provided.

Q:  Are parents allowed to attend? What if they don't want to stay on the campgrounds?

A: Please bring your parents! If they do not wish to stay at the camp, there are hotels in the area. Also note that they are still able to eat meals at the camp. See below for meal package pricing.

Q: Why can't I pay for specific meals on specific days, only? 

A: Starting in 2015, we are asking parents who wish to lodge elsewhere but still eat at the camp to pay a cover charge of $64 (8 meals, Thursday-Sunday,) or $40 (5 meals, Friday-Sunday). For convenience sake, we can no longer offer individual meal pricing. 

Q: Who exactly are the hostesses/team members, and how to I contact them? 

A: The OSR is hosted by homeschool graduate Maria Ferrar, however there are several co-planners on the "team" that help each year. If you have further questions, comments, or would like to register, see contact page.

Q: I don't know how to dance. . .and what is English Country Dancing anyway?

A: If you've seen Pride and Prejudice or any of the Jane Austen movies, you've seen English Country Dancing (aka ECD). It is a very beautiful, historical type of dancing with very little contact between partners. And don't worry. . . its also super easy to learn!

Q: I would love to come, but have reservations about dancing. What do I do?

A: Not a problem. . .we've had people decline dancing before--just don't dance! However please don't let this keep you from attending and enjoying the OSR.

Q: Is it possible JUST to attend the Ball?

A: Yes. (subject to change) However, we are asking a $5 cover charge. Ideally, we would like as many people as possible to actually stay the entire weekend, however if you are seriously wanting JUST to join us for the Ball, contact us, and we will try to work with you.

Q: What if I don't want to wear a costume for the Ball?

A:  Though we request semi-formal wear, costumes are not required. 

Q: Are the cabins/facilities clean?

A: Pleasant Hill is a beautifully maintained camp. The cabins are spotless, the group lodge sparkling. . .we've had absolutely no complaints. 

Q: I am not a graduate (under 18). . .am I still able to attend?

A: Minors 14+ may attend with a parent or sibling (18+). The parent must stay at the camp.

Q: I can only come for part of the weekend. Is there a discount?

A: Unfortunately, no, we cannot give discounts.